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FREE INTRO – Come Try One class free


On-Ramp –  If needed $45/session 

These classes are generally required for all new clients who are not experienced with functional training.  Some won’t need, some may need one session some up to 4  depending on your comfort with movements along with your coaches assessment 


UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP – $125/month No Contracts

Unlimited monthly access. Including 24 hour access. Attend as many classes as you like, even multiple classes per day (this is great for splitting metcons and strength workouts). No need to sign-up in advance. If there is a class scheduled you’re welcomed to attend.

$115 unlimited (no 24 hour access

$85/month for 3 classes a week (no 24 hour access)

COUPLES/FAMILY MEMBERSHIP – We have discount programs for   Those joining together.  You do not need to be related, just join together or as group.  The more that join your group the more you save.full membership only for discounts 

PERSONAL TRAINING $45/session Discounts offered for packages of 10 and 20 sessions.