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Our Facility

Beaufort Functional Training prides itself on having the correct equipment and facilities that you’re going to need to take your fitness to the next level.  As you see above, we have a fully outfitted gym consisting of TWO sides, totaling 6,400 square feet.  One side being our functional training side where all of our classes will run.  A 24 foot free-standing Infinity Rig with platforms, Concept2 rowers, numerous sets of rings, kettlebells, dumbbells, racks, GHD’s, bars and bumpers is what you can expect on this side.

Our “Strong Side” are the pictures with 6 Olympic Lifting platforms outfitted with bars, bumpers and blocks to successfully run our Olympic Lifting classes and seminars. In addition, you will find a 14 foot Infinity Rig,  power racks with safety bars, benches, ropes, more rings, GHD’s, etc.

This is also the side we use to run our Kids classes as well.